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Solving your home’s comfort problems with building science and professional insulation services.

Insulation and Home Energy Audits – Ecotelligent Homes

Ecotelligent Homes is an award-winning home performance contractor that specializes in finding the source of your home’s comfort concerns and professionally installing insulation improvements so you can enjoy even temperatures throughout your home all year long. Ecotelligent Homes’ three step process starts with a certified home energy audit to assess your home’s efficiency and pinpoint the source of your drafts. Their licensed and insured on-staff insulation crews will then install high performing spray foam and blown-in cellulose insulation to industry leading ENERGY START standards. Your project is completed with a quality assurance check where Ecotelligent homes tests your home again to ensure the quality of their work and the health and safety of your home. Call Ecotelligent Homes today to schedule your home energy audit to enjoy a cozy and energy efficient home.

Ecotelligent Homes’ proven process helps you to enjoy even temperatures throughout your home all year long. No more cold and drafty floors in the winter or hot and stuffy 2nd floor bedrooms in the summer. With their advanced equipment they can help you stop energy wasting drafts at the source and give you peace of mind that your home is healthy and safe with good indoor air quality.

  • Home Energy Audits – Ecotelligent Homes’ Comprehensive Home Energy Audits will identify the source of your comfort problems by using a thermal infrared camera to pinpoint flawed insulation and a blower door test to measure your home’s drafts. A personalized improvement plan will outline the findings and recommendations for addressing your comfort concerns.
  • Blown-in Cellulose Insulation – Ecotelligent Homes has helped families throughout Southeast Michigan improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes with cellulose blown in insulation. The blown in cellulose insulation used by Ecotelligent Homes is made in Michigan from 85% recycled newspaper.  It’s a great product for improving the insulation in your attic because it creates a more custom fit than rolled out or clumpy fiberglass.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – Ecotelligent Homes professionally installs closed cell spray foam insulation throughout Metro Detroit to improve the efficiency and durability of crawl spaces, basements, knee walls, and bonus rooms. Call the experts at Ecotelligent Homes to ensure you have a professional installation of this top performing product to achieve the maximum results for our home.

Call Ecotelligent Homes today to schedule your home energy audit and start enjoying a comfortable and energy efficient home.

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